Safety first in road transport

When transporting tight head drums in a curtain side trailer a secured cargo is of great importance. By using DRUMCLIPS you ensures an optimal safe situation. Each row of four or eight drums is tightly secured to the trailer with the use of only two DRUMCLIPS and a ratchet strap. Your load stands solid, as can be seen in the video. The drums in front of the trailer are secured with DRUMCLIPS. The ones in the back are secure with a pallet on top.

Simple and fast

The use of the DRUMCLIP is super simple. With the use of only two DRUMCLIPS you secure four or eight drums solidly to a trailer. Place a ratchet strap between the pre-formed guides: tighten, ready! The DRUMCLIP is smart solution, that also shortens the time of loading and unloading.

Drumclip in Evofenedex

The magazine Evofenedex wrote an article about the process of the DRUMCLIP. See number 4 April 2019

Link to article

The ideal solution

The DRUMCLIP is ideal transport solution for:

  • truck drivers
  • transport companies
  • shippers


The DRUMCLIP is thoroughly tested and certified according EN 12192-1 Cargo Securing Equipement. These tests have been executed by TÜV Rheinland.

Download the TÜV-test report


ISTA 3 E Certification Rapport

Testrapport: Drumclip DC18A RED with tight head barrel drums

Testrapport: Drumclip DC19B GREEN with open head barrel drums

Testrapport: Drumclip DC19B GREEN with plastic drums

Download manuals

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The DRUMCLIP is available from 23 pieces, suitable to secure one fully loaded curtain side trailer. Also deliveries as bulk package from 500 till 2,000 DRUMCLIPS are possible.

Inquire about the ordering options and prizes of the DRUMCLIP by mailing to


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